Fightworx MMA Classes, Somerset

The history of Mixed Martial Arts can be traced back to Ancient Greece and ‘Pankration’, a combat sport involving striking and grappling similar to modern day MMA. A more modern version was ‘Vale Tudo’ which became popular Brazil in the 20th Century (Vale Tudo means ‘Anything Goes’). These were unarmed combat events pitting various martial arts styles against each other, with very limited rules.

MMA started to rise in popularity following the introduction of strict rules and the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) onto mainstream television. MMA is a combination of various mixed martial arts but is also a very refined and often under-appreciated art in itself.

Due to the complexity of the sport of MMA, the classes are designed to show students how to bring their striking and grappling abilities together and how to use them effectively in MMA. Fightworx Academy have an active competition team from amateur to professional level fighters. However, we recognise that not everyone will want to compete or even have the time to commit to fight training. Classes are suitable for all levels, even if you just want to get fit and try out this exciting and interesting sport.

The modern MMA student will typically train in a range of different martial arts including Muay Thai, BJJ, and Wrestling. These are the martial arts that are proven to be the most effective in modern MMA competition and we offer classes in all these aspects separately.

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Student Testimonials

james-testIt’s hard to find a club that provides for everyone’s needs. Fightworx does a fantastic job at providing the right atmosphere and coaching for every level. Very refreshing to see a club do things the right way and not the easy way. Very friendly atmosphere and doesn’t take long to feel like your part of a family not just a club.

shane-testStarted mma back in October at fightworx after 15yrs away from martial arts was feeling unfit in my late 30’s and I didn’t think I could do this again but after the training from great coaches and members of the club I feel fitter body and mind, plus getting my confidence back. I have always been made to feel at home from day one.



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