What Adam did…

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What Adam did…anyone can do…but not everyone will.

At the start of 2017, Adam came to Fightworx and told us he’d set himself a goal (a goal is like a dream, but with a dream with a deadline). He wanted to learn Jiu Jitsu, get in shape, lose some weight and, before the end of the year, he wanted to test himself by entering a competition. So we discussed the realism of his idea, what he felt he needed from us to help him work towards it, and more importantly what we would need from him.

Bear in mind, Adam isn’t a full time or ‘professional’ fighter. He’s a normal guy, he has a young family, a full time job, and a life outside of the gym. So, we worked with him to build a training plan to fit around the rest of his life but to ensure we did everything we could to ensure he had the opportunity to achieve what he set out to achieve.

Let’s fast forward past the “he trained hard on this day / got a bit injured on that day / sat in a corner crying on that day” bit (those things certainly happened, but we’re not making an Idris Elba documentary here) and skip forward to Sept 17th 2017.

Adam had learned some of the basic techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, was in better shape, and had entered a competition. However, this wasn’t any normal, local, low-level interclub event – he had entered a prestigious national event – the National Masters Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships. In for a penny, in for a pound as they say.

Goals achieved. And we can happily finish the story there. But that’s not the end. Not only did Adam achieve his target, but he smashed it. Despite being incredibly nervous and apprehensive, he fought through a tough division to win Gold. Gold in his first ever competition. Like a real life Karate Kid. Except it was BJJ. And Adam isn’t a Kid…you get the idea.

The point of this is: You can do something if you set your mind to it. And you can do better than even you had planned. What you can do is down to you, not us. We can teach you, guide you, and help you, but remember one thing – No one ever achieved something by doing nothing. There are plenty of ‘talkers’ but only the a few ‘doers’. Talkers talk (a lot). Doers do.

We can help you achieve your goals. It doesn’t have to be winning a competition; it could be simply getting fitter, losing some weight, learning a new skill, even overcoming anxiety.

All you have to do is come to a class. The first one is free so you can see what training is all about. There’s a contact form on every page of this website. We can’t make it easier than that.

Yes, he won a GOLD medal

Yes, he won a GOLD medal

Clean Sweep at National Masters BJJ Championship

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3 from 3. All Fightworx Competitors win Gold Medals!

17th Sept was the inaugural National Masters Jiu Jitsu competition (‘Masters’ being people aged 30+, which sounds a little nicer than ‘Seniors’!) held in Hereford

The event sold out weeks before the date, bringing together hundreds of competitors from around the country. Fightworx Taunton managed to register 3 people in the event, student Adam White, Stuart Kingston (one of our kid’s BJJ Coaches) Matt Male (MMA & BJJ Coach)

The tournament was run as a single elimination knockout tournament and all 3 competitors faced tough draws in their respective divisions. Adam, who was entering his first competition, was up first at 9:30am. After a tentative, nervous start he eventually began to assert his dominance and technique, winning both his fights on points to secure a Gold Medal!

Stuart was next, and showed his takedown skills with a huge judo throw in his first fight, going on to win by points. In the final of his division, he secured another takedown and controlled the match from the top position, winning by submission (ezekiel choke from half-guard for the technically minded readers). Our 2nd Gold Medal of the day.

Finally, Matt took to the mats, determined to live up to the successes so far. After being thrown heavily in his first match he had to fight back from behind. Continuously attacking, he manged to draw even and win on an ‘advantage’ for a close submission attempt. In the final of his division, Matt won by a wrist lock submission to complete a clean sweep of Gold Medals!!

Good work from all the guys.

This shows that we’ll put our money where our mouth is. We can guarantee you are getting the best tuition available in all classes.

New Timetable

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We’ve introduced a new timetable from the 1st August.

There are only a few changes from the existing one, but we’ve added more classes for Adults, including specific Beginners only classes, and new classes for Juniors! So now you have more opportunity to train, and better value for your money!

NEW Timetable FULL

Please note the new membership prices too (payable by Direct Debit)
Single Discipline  £45 per month
All Inclusive  £55 per month

Fightworx at British Sambo Championships

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British Open Sambo Championships – 18th March 2017

Always willing to expand the knowledge and experience of the Fight Team, Fightworx entered a team to the 2017 British Sambo Championships. Gary (one of our BJJ coaches) has a background in Sambo, having previously competed himself in a number of Sambo competitions, including the British Championships.

“SAMBO” – A Russian Martial Art developed in the 1920s, originally for the Soviet Army to improve their hand to hand skills, is now growing in popularity thanks to success in MMA by Sambo trained fighters such as Khabib Nurmagomedov and Fedor Emelianenko.

The Sport version of Sambo allows all varieties of throws and takedowns, and also allows fighters to continue fighting and looking for domination or submission on the ground: All in all, a great rule set between the groundwork of BJJ, the stand-up of Judo and the all-round nature of MMA.

The Fightworx Team did themselves and the gym proud, especially considering that this is the highest level of competition available in the UK, with competitors from all over the UK, Europe, and from Russia, Ghana and USA

Stuart Kingston won Gold in the Masters Division <90kg beating 2 previous British Champions on his way to the podium
Milan Tomes took Silver in the Mens <82kg category
Billy Wilsher won Silver in the Mens <74kg division, losing only to a Russian fighter from the famous Sambo70 club in Moscow

Another excellent achievement is that, other than the finals, none of them had a single point scored against them in the elimination rounds.

Milan Silver Sambo Open FrameBilly Silver Sambo Open FrameStu Gold Sambo Open Frame


A highlight video of the best throws and submissions from the teams performance (some of the film is a little low-res due to the phone camera used)

Head Muay Thai Coach Sonny Perez wins in Thailand

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Fightworx Head Muay Thai Coach, Sonny Perez has just returned from a two week training trip in Thailand. Whilst he was there, not only did he manage to get some 1-to-1 training with some of the best Muay Thai coaches and fighters, he also he also put himself to the test with a full rules Muay Thai fight, which he won convincingly with a 2nd round TKO stoppage.
Pictured below is Sonny in the ring before & after his fight,. Also pictured is Sonny with Namsaknoi, who, if you’ve not heard of him, beat Saenchai quite convincingly and has been voted fighter of the year twice; he’s also ranked in the top 10 fighters of all time.
If you want to learn Muay Thai, Fightworx accept all levels including absolute beginners. Get in touch to book your free trial class

MMA Team at Adrenalin Fight Night

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Adrenalin Fight Night – 6th December 2016

4 members of Fightworx MMA team made their debut MMA fights in Swansea on Saturday 6th December

Jay Hunt, Zak Bloomfield, Andy ‘Kenny’ Barlow and Paul Dryburgh all made weight and represented the club professionally and with great sportsmanship

Jay had a back & forth battle, showing his all round game with some good striking skills and ground game, and winning a unanimous decision against a worthy opponent

Zak was next and fought an absolute war in the first round, working well in the clinch and landing some heavy knee strikes but also taking a few strong shots which wobbled him at one point. The second round started off with more of the same with Zak trying to keep his distance throwing kicks and knees when close in. Eventually his opponent managed to get Zak down, where he asserted his ground dominance by mounting and earning a TKO finish by Ground & Pound

The third fighter representing was Kenny, who had some previous Muay Thai experience, so the plan was to keep the fight standing. However, when the fight hit the ground, he showed his much developed ground game by sweeping, reversing positions, escaping well and attempting submissions. Upon achieving dominant positions he landed heavy, hard strikes to earn the victory by unanimous decision

Finally, Paul Dryburgh stepped up against an obvious local favourite (judging by the crowd response). Paul started well landing some good leg kicks. However, he got caught by a big overhand right which put him on the floor against the cage. While not badly hurt he wasn’t given a chance to recover by his opponent who swarmed on him and caused the referee to stop the fight in the first round.

Well done to all the team for stepping up and doing a great job. Onwards and upwards